At Mullion School, we equip our students with the tools and understanding to interpret and respond to texts that challenge their understanding of both linguistic features as well as their understanding of the world around them through a range of literary genres, texts and styles. We empower them to consider, explore and examine how writers craft texts in ways that express their own viewpoints, experiences and attitudes. Students learn how to read, write and speak in a range of styles and texts types, adapting their own language in a ways that enables them to present and communicate their own viewpoints and perspectives. Our curriculum is based around core knowledge that we use to develop skills in reading, writing and oracy which is revisited and developed year on year.


All of this is achieved through our Curriculum Big Questions:

  • How can texts be a reflection and reaction to the historical, social and political context they were written in, as well as a present personal attitudes and values of the writer?
  • How can language choices and devices be implemented to create specific and precise effects?
  • How can structures (micro and macro) change and influence how a text is written and understood?
  • How can an understanding of genre, audience, mode and purpose enable me to appreciate and understand text types in greater depth?
  • How can I write, edit and redraft my work to successfully follow the conventions of, and write like a journalist, novelist, diarist etc with meaning and precision?
  • How can texts and writers change the world?

Our English Curriculum :