Year 6 Open Evenings at Mullion school

Open Evenings – Tuesday 21st September & 28th September

Deciding on which secondary school will be entrusted with the education of your children is such an important decision. It is a responsibility we take very seriously which is why we have decided to offer tours to those parents who are genuinely finding that decision tough to make.

Normally we would have run two Open Days complete with parental tours to allow you to see what we do on a working day. However, these are very different times and we are unable to invite you in such a large group so will therefore be offering individual and small group tours.

Due to the local spike in COVID and our continual quest to keep cases as low as possible, we are hosting two open evenings with two time slots on each evening for those who are genuinely undecided as to which secondary school to send their child to in September 2022.  However, if you believe that you have exceptional circumstances and therefore need an individual tour during the working day, this can be considered.

If you live in our catchment area and fully intend to apply for a place at Mullion School anyway, please avoid attending; It is not a transition event. Transition events start next year once places have been allocated.

We have 30 slots available per session. To book a place please contact our school office on 01326 240098. Only one adult and one child per household please.

Time slots are either 16.15 – 17.30 or 18.00- 19.15.

IMPORTANT:These tours are only for families who are unsure of which school their child would like to attend.

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