Mullion School: a healthy, happy habitat for all

Mullion School is a place that puts wellbeing at the heart of what we do.  As a founding member of the Youth Sport Trust Well School Network, we understand that pupils and staff thrive if they are healthy and happy.  For this to happen pupils need to be Well Prepared with experiences for the future; Well Equipped with skills to cope; and Well Led by available adults.  This is achieved by promoting the Ways to Wellbeing; an experienced pastoral support team; trained support and teaching professionals; a comprehensive Wellbeing Programme of activities; and a nurturing school community for all. All of which leads to a culture and climate of supportive people – a healthy, happy habitat for learning and working in.

There is no getting away from the fact that a school can at times be a stressful place for both staff and pupils.  From the headteacher to the newest of pupils, we all experience stress at some point.  The key is to learn to make this manageable.  The school has adopted the 5 Ways to Wellbeing as a tool for how both pupils and staff can help themselves.  The Ways to Wellbeing are that as a school community we should strive to Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Connect and Give on a daily basis.

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing

This can be achieved in lessons or outside of lessons; in school or out of school.  A large part of the Ways to Wellbeing are the extra-curricular programme which the school is justly proud of.  Activities such as these flood the mind and body with happiness chemicals such as dopamine, endorphin, serotonin, oxytocin to reward us, cure us and stabilise us in times of stress.  This will protect us from experiencing the toxic (constant) stress which some people do still experience.

Within the curriculum, pupils benefit from expert delivery of the RSHE curriculum which educates them about wellbeing, particularly mental health, relationships and healthy living.  Also the PE curriculum develops a lifelong enjoyment and understanding of physical wellbeing and the Food Technology curriculum educates them around healthy eating. 

As a result of emotional trauma or toxic stress, pupils sometimes require additional support to manage their wellbeing and the school has a number of ways it supports every pupil to be happy, healthy learners.  The Pastoral System is key to this.  When they arrive in school a great deal of thought goes into placing them into a thriving House system and in a tutor group with a Tutor who can nurture them for their full five years.  The Tutors are supported by 3 Pastoral Leads and 3 Pastoral Assistants so that should any pupil start to wobble they are caught before they fall.  The Pastoral Team are experienced and professional, able to provide or signpost the support each pupil needs.  The school employs an external school counsellor, has 3 trained TIS Practitioners and a Forest School Leader who are able to use The Little Cabin Wellbeing Hub or permanent Forest School area for group and individual sessions.

It is said that you can not pour from an empty cup.  Therefore, it is vital that school staff are well if they are to teach well.  Mullion School has a supportive and supported team of adults who are able to seek out the support they need when needed.  The school invests in creative supervision to support staff in their work alongside a comprehensive wellbeing package. The school places high regard on the wellbeing of pupils and staff.  This has led to the appointment of a Director of Wellbeing who is responsible for the strategic oversight of wellbeing across the school and is also the Senior Lead for Mental Health.

When the Year 7s join the school each year they are told they have one thousand days at the school to make the most of.  We work hard to make sure that for every one of those days they are in the happy, healthy habitat of Mullion School.

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