Our Vision

Dream big, fly high, go far

Our Mission

We help every student to unlock their full potential, pursue their dreams, and feel a genuine sense of belonging within our community. We do this by nurturing an environment where kindness is the norm, self-belief is in the air, and determination is in our DNA.

We do this because when students feel a sense of belonging, they can develop the skills and values to make the most themselves, and help those around them to do the same.

Our Guiding Values are:


Kindness means respecting both ourselves and each other. It helps us learn from our mistakes, nurtures bonds in our community and makes the world a better place through small acts.


Every child has potential. Self-belief is the key to unlocking it. It’s this that gives students the confidence to dream big, fly high and go far (even if things get tough). Self-belief is the spark that turns ‘I can’t’ into ‘I most certainly can’. And that turns mere dreams into realities. So we aim for every one of students to know their worth, to believe in their abilities and face the world with confidence and aspiration.


Life and learning are full of challenges.
So whether your dreams are big or small, it doesn’t matter. Determination is what makes them come true. It’s about standing up after a fall and persisting towards our goals.

That’s why at Mullion, we value effort and persistence as much as the result. After all, every challenge you overcome is a victory, and we’re all about those victories. It’s how together we succeed.

Our values aren’t just words. They’re a way of life which we aim to live by. Every day.

It’s the Mullion Way.