Mullion School: Catch Up Plan

The Recovery Premium is a contribution form the Government which gives schools additional funding to assist pupils who are identified as needing support to progress to the same levels as their peers. This funding is designed to ensure that pupils, who have not achieved their potential due to Covid-19 restrictions and the national lockdown, are not disadvantaged by this, and are provided with the same opportunity and equality to be successful learners.

Summer School Success 2021

During the summer holidays 80 pupils due to transfer to secondary school with us in September took part in our annual Summer School supported by government funding.  The days were very well attended by pupils as both they and their parents saw the value of getting to know each other and the school ahead of their first day.  This year more than ever as many of the usual transition activities and Cluster sports events were not able to run.  

With the loss of classroom time experienced in Year 6 by the pupils, this year’s Summer School had a much greater focus on the core skills they would need to be successful when they arrive.  Academic work delivered by our Science, Maths, History and English staff introduced them to what they would be learning in lessons as well as more applied learning in the subjects.  This included a code breaking session, bridge building, poetry and analysing historical sources.  However it was also felt that pupils have missed out on the opportunities to socialise with each other, to be active and experience new things.  The week included archery, climbing and sports sessions run by our PE staff and a coastal walk to use some practical map and coordinates skills.  The power of creativity was also encouraged as staff led sessions on t-shirt printing, clay creatures using the natural environment, singing and music making with boom whackers and even a paper aeroplane flight school.

Each day of the week included physical, creative, social and academic sessions for each pupil along with a healthy lunch provided by the school canteen staff.  All of this was made possible due to the commitment of enthusiastic and excellent staff and the government funding of £16,000 to pay for the resources, staffing, food and preparation.  We believe that this week helped those who attended to feel settled prior to arriving in September as they felt more comfortable amongst their peers, in the school itself and with the staff.  Parents agree that it was an invaluable experience and that their child felt more positive about coming to school as a result.

Mr Loder

Director of Wellbeing