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Headteacher: Mr Wayne Randle
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The courses offered by the science department encourage pupils to have a greater knowledge and understanding of themselves, the world and the universe. We encourage pupils to think scientifically and to apply scientific methods.



Pupils are encouraged to devise investigations which will test their ideas. They learn to make accurate observations, precise recordings and informed judgements but, most of all, we want them to enjoy Science.

The Science Department

Richard White MPhys  Head of Science

James Dolan BSc (Hons) (Chemistry)

Caroline Moore BSc (Hons)(Biology)

Neil Tunstall BSc (Hons)(Chemistry)

Marieke Royle PhD(Zoology)

Heather Bennett BSc (Hons)(Genetics and Zoology)

Chris Salway Science Technician

Curriculum Time

Year 7   4 X 50 mins per week.
Year 8   4 X 50 mins per week.
Year 9   4 X 50 mins per week.
Year 10  6 X 50 mins per week. One Triple Science group 9 X 50 mins.
Year 11 6 X 50 mins per week. One Triple Science group 9 X 50 mins.

Year 7

Pupils are taught in their Tutor Groups. Pupils start with an introduction, within which pupils learn how to work safely, and how to plan an investigation. They also learn how to use apparatus such as Bunsen burners and balances.

All pupils then go on to study the following topics:

Elements, mixtures and compounds
Processes of Life

Year 8

4 Classes Taught in partially set Groups. All pupils study the following topics:

Electricity and Magnetism
Microbes and Health
Reproduction and Inheritance
Chemical Reactions
Chemicals and the Earth

Year 9

4 classes taught in sets by ability. All pupils study the following topics:
Energy & Forces
Life Processes
Electricity and Waves

Some of these topics have been taught in Year 8 and but by revisiting these topics allows pupils to study them at a greater depth.

Year 10 and Year 11

5 groups set by ability (one of these is a triple science group). We make every effort to ensure that every pupil is taught by a subject specialist.We offer 2 routes through GCSE.

Trilogy AQA Double Science 

The majority of pupils select this option. They study all three subjects over 2 years and leave with a double award GCSE (9-1).

There is no coursework as students will carry out 16 required practical experiments that are then assessed in the exams.

Triple Science

Pupils study Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSEs over 2 years. As well as studying the same topics as double Science, pupils study extension units which include looking at Animal Behaviour, Biotechnology, Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis, Organic Chemistry and Medical Physics.

This is ideal preparation for AS/A level courses.

I like to feel that all pupils, no matter their ability, leave Mullion School not only with a good understanding of Science and its role and in society but also leave with the ability to apply the skills they have gained in Science to everyday life

Richard White