A big thanks to the staff and students of the Performing Arts Team 

The Christmas “spirit” was definitely offered in Mullion School’s unique version “A Christmas Carol”.

The Performing Arts team took Dicken’s familiar tale then found a way to weave musical and dance set pieces into it. While the audiences loved these moments of delight, none of it was more than a nuisance to Robbie Thurston’s wonderfully miserable Scrooge. We did of course witness his transformation into the life and soul of the party as he ended the evening encouraging us all to join in with Oh Come All Ye Faithful. 

The first half of the show offered performances that came from both classwork and clubs. We had three different band line ups playing “Someday”, “Valerie” and “Seven Nation Army”. The choir performed “Seasons of Love” from “Rent” and a drama group performed the Christmas Truce scene from “Oh What a Lovely War”. We were seeing new year 7 faces with all their enthusiasm and potential alongside the accomplishments of older students. 

A Christmas Carol was the second half of the evening and we knew we were in for a treat as a Victorian London scene came to life complete with street urchins, buskers, do gooders, snowballers and the epitome of misery, Scrooge. It was a familiar tale delightfully told with direction and choreography from TeeJ Randall and the musical interludes led by Amanda Bradley-Metcalf and Ross Hamilton. Martin Wren managed the set construction, lighting and sound. 

We loved the whole cast, the dancers, the choir and the musicians but alongside Robbie’s exceptional work as Scrooge, it was a delight to see young Frieda’s version of the Spirit of Christmas Past contrasting with Scarlett’s of Christmas Present. There was a beautiful dance  duet, from Maya and Robbie, as Scrooge was shown he had once known love and a whole series of cameo roles, both comic and earnest. We had a solo performance from Daisy, a duet from Rosenwyn and Matilda, a trio from Sophie, Ava and Charlie, the excellent brass band and a boomwhacker rendition of Jingle Bells from the percussion ensemble. 

Thank you for all the efforts you made to give us something to enjoy. You can all be very proud of what you achieved, just as we are of you. 

Many thanks for your commitment through the rehearsal process and the final week of the Christmas Show.