Our Co-operative Values and Principles

Our co-operative values

Self-help – we help people to help themselves. We actively encourage student leadership in learning as well as in voluntary roles within the school structure. Students learn to be independent and interdependent learners and develop a positive approach to challenges.

Self-responsibility – we take responsibility for, and answer to our actions. Democratic participation brings with it accountability and responsibility .We instil confidence in our learners and allow them to be responsible members of society. Students are encouraged to develop a strong commitment to own learning.

Democracy – we give our members a say in the way we run our school. Within the school we operate a number of student voice groups who contribute to the development of the school. Through activecontribution and fair exchange of views members exercise their rights and participate in decision making.

Equality – the school is open to all. We do not select our students and encourage everyone to participate fully in the curriculum

Equity – we ensure fairness. In lessons students are expected to participate, achieve their potential and ensure they support others.

Solidarity – we share interests and common purposes with our members and other co-operatives. Through our House System, extra-curricular activities and Cooperative Learning approach, we encourage social belonging, connectedness and feelings of empowerment. In our common endeavours we believe we achieve more together than we will alone.

Our ethical values

Openness – nobody’s perfect, and we won’t hide it when we’re not

Honesty – we are honest about what we do and the way we do it

Social responsibility – we encourage people to take responsibility for their own community, and work together to improve it. We face challenges together.

Caring for others – we take our responsibility to others seriously, celebrating the achievements of everyone and helping to pick up the pieces when things go wrong.

Our principles are the way we put our values into action

Voluntary and open membership – membership is open to everyone

Democratic member control – all members have an equal voice in making policies and electing representatives

Member economic participation – all profits are controlled democratically by members and for their benefit

Autonomy and independence – co-operatives are always independent, even when they enter into agreements with other organisations

Education, training and information – co-operatives educate and develop their members as well as their staff

Co-operation amongst co-operatives – co-operatives work together with other co-operatives to strengthen the co-operative movement as a whole

Concern for community – co-operatives also work to improve and develop the community, both locally and internationally.

Commitment, Contribution, Community