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RE is an important subject – partly because of its significance in framing current world issues and partly because of the way it can shape one’s identity, beliefs and values.

At Mullion School, we explore the contribution that Religion, Ethics and Philosophy make in the world. Pupils are supported in exploring their own beliefs – whatever they may be – while reflecting on the beliefs and practices of others. Pupils are encouraged to develop critical questioning of their spiritual, social and moral views. Lessons give time and space to think, discuss and challenge.

At Key Stage 3, pupils have one RE lesson each week and follow Cornwall’s Agreed Syllabus (2011 – 2016). Topics for study include Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Secular thinking, Humanism and religion in Cornwall.

In Year 9 students begin their GCSE R.S following AQA syllabus A. This is completed through 2 lessons per week. In Year 10 students continue to study AQA syllabus A through 1 lesson per week.  The current Year 11s are finishing their GCSE RS AQA syllabus B in 1 lesson per week.

In RE, we are constantly enthusing pupils in their learning so that they may prepare for the adult world – confident and insightful, open and sensitive towards others and articulate in tackling the spiritual, moral and social questions that will surface again and again in their lives.

Miss Kirsty Moreton

Head of RS

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Year 7

  • Local Study- Paganism and the rise of Methodism in Cornwall
  • Does God exist?
  • Islam- What do Muslims believe?
  • Why should we care for planet earth?
  • Is there life after death?

 Year 8

  • Buddhism- How did it begin/ Key Buddhist beliefs
  • Is there an afterlife?
  • Life in the Sangha (Buddhism)
  • Social Justice- focus on Martin Luther King
  • Caring for our planet

Year 9 and Year 10 AQA Syllabus A

Year 9

Students are studying the new GCSE specification for first examination 2018. This consists of an in depth study of two religions.

  •  Christianity
  • Hinduism

Year 10

Students are continuing their study of the new GCSE specification for first examination 2018.

  • Completion of study of Christianity
  • Thematic Study- Religion, relationships and families
  • Thematic Study- Religion and Life

Year 11

Year 11:

  • Religion and the Rich and Poor in the UK
  • Religion and World Poverty
  • Revision for Exams