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PSHE is a guiding principle running through all the work of the school: in the formal curriculum and time-table; in tutorial time; in the extra-curricular programme; in pastoral work, and in the underlying values which make up the ethos of the school.  All that we do, and the way that we do it.


•    to promote self-awareness; to develop self-esteem; to build self-confidence;
•    to develop an understanding of inter-personal relationships;
•    to develop the personal and social skills necessary for a full and happy life;
•    to encourage pupils to feel responsible for their actions and to care about the effect of their behaviour on others and on their environment;
•    to assist them in planning and preparation for a full life at home, in the workplace and in leisure time;
•    to develop decision-making skills that are rooted in sound judgement, based on appropriate values, sensitive of other people and their views.


Our objective is to enable pupils to get the most out of their life at school, to encourage the growth of autonomy and independence, and to prepare them to play a full part in the social, political and economic life of the community when they leave school.


The task of defining the PSHE syllabus, drawing up a scheme of work, and co-ordinating the contribution of all departments is carried out by the PSHE team, led by teachers with special training and expertise in its component areas.  Outside agencies and speakers play a valuable role in delivering our curriculum.  The course covers the following subjects and cross-curricular themes:

Personal views and online safety

Questions identify values, confidence and an emerging view on the world. We look at how to use the Internet and conduct ourselves in a safe and appropriate way

Relationships and sex

Physical, moral and emotional development: the importance of making and maintaining positive relationships.  This curriculum time includes learning about sexuality and sexual health.  Emphasis is placed on making informed choices while encouraging students to search for meaningful and committed relationships, respecting the law and delaying making sexual decisions until adulthood.


Individual growth and emotional development; Health and Safety; Drugs and Alcohol Education and Personal Safety. Unit of study also includes emotional well being and self esteem as well as risky behaviours which affect our health e.g. drug dependency and alcoholism.

Economic Education

We look at money management, attitudes to spending & saving & how to prepare for financial responsibility in the adult world. In year 10 we prepare students for the working world through a series of  lessons designed around running a successful buisiness.

KS4 Citizenship is delivered discreetly through the PSHE programme.


If ever you visit the school in session, you must decide if we have been successful in achieving our aims and objectives.  For a final judgement we turn to our pupils. If they have found the course helpful and useful in the challenge of their daily lives and when they leave school, then we have succeeded.  We ask each year to evaluate the PSHE course for themselves.  This evaluation helps us in future planning and provides evidence of the effectiveness of our programme.

A Shared Responsibility

Parents make the major contribution to the personal and social development of their children, but the school has an inescapable part to play.  At certain points, for example when we introduce sex education or careers education, we enlist parents’ support and invite them to discuss the detail of content and approach.  In this joint enterprise of ours, personal and social education is a primary concern and one where it is essential that we work together in order to succeed.