Mullion School: A Covid Secure School

Thank you to all our parents who support us with testing and in providing students with face masks and all the equipment that they need to be safe and successful during the school day.

As is the case in both the local community and nationwide we did see a rise in confirmed cases in all year groups across the school.  We did have about 15% of our students off school due to positive PCR tests last week.  Because of this we sent out requests for parents to seek PCR tests for their children when there were a number of cases in individual classes and for everyone else to do LFT tests as regularly as possible.  We are pleased to report that the case numbers are a quarter of what we saw last week and we now have less than 5% of our students off due to Covid-19.

Throughout this process we have taken daily guidance from the Government and Public Health England (PHE) in how we can ensure the safety of your children and our staff at the school and we will continue to follow their advice on how we should manage any suspected or confirmed cases within our school community.  I am pleased to report that following the significant fall in cases we are no longer on their watch list.

The school still has stringent COVID-19 mitigation measures in place:

  • Students and staff wearing face coverings in corridors and communal areas
  • Classroom windows and doors being open to support additional ventilation in classrooms
  • A one way system in place around the school
  • CO2 monitors in classrooms
  • Hand sanitising on entry to every classroom
  • Cleaning of desks and equipment at the end of each lesson
  • Classrooms set up with all students facing the front of class
  • Very limited in person assemblies – they will be in the most part virtual and when in person limited to year groups with tutor group rows 2 metres apart
  • Lunchtimes separated into year group time slots
  • Face coverings to be worn on school buses and a year group seating plan in place
  • Providing lateral flow test kits to all students on a regular basis and regular reminders to test twice weekly
  • Close monitoring of case numbers and sending letters to request PCR tests are sought when necessary

As parents we would like to ask you to continue to support the school by:

  • Ensuring that your child has a mask to wear in the communal areas, on school buses, in taxis and on public transport and encourage them to ensure that they continue to do this.
  • Ensure that your child is testing using the LFD Test kits twice per week.  If positive seek a PCR test immediately.
  • Not sending your child into school if they are feeling poorly and in particular if they have any of the COVID-19 symptoms.  If they are displaying symptoms you need to seek a PCR test for them immediately.

We are very grateful to our parental body for their overwhelming support with our COVID-19 mitigation strategies which we have had in place throughout this pandemic and trust that you will support us as we continue to learn how to live with the virus in the coming months and years.

In-school Testing

Many of you will be aware that the Government has requested schools test all pupils on their return to school on Tuesday 4 January 2022.  Our plan to achieve this is in place and we will send out a letter explaining everything, including providing consent, nearer the end of term.

This page of the website will keep you up to date with Government Advice, letters home and Covid-19 Management Plans.

If you don’t find the information you require here, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 01326 240098 or

Remote Education Provision: Information for Parents

This page seeks to answer any questions you may have about remote learning for students who attend Mullion School.  As you are aware the landscape is constantly shifting and as such this information may well be updated as the year progresses.  Should there be another lockdown or if your child needs to self-isolate we will still want our students to follow a broad and balanced curriculum and continue to make progress.  If they are well enough to do so.

The Remote Curriculum: What Is Taught To Pupils At Home?

This will be as far as possible, in line with Mullion School’s curriculum.  As such, should the school go into a closure of any kind during term time, or should students have any Covid related absences, they will be taught and will be provided with work for the entirety of their absence.

What Should My Child Expect If They Have To Self-isolate?

Should a student be asked to remain at home due to Covid related issues there will be work available on Google Classroom.  Your child should have access to a Google Classroom for each of the subjects they study and this work will be based on the curriculum being delivered in school.

How Does My Child Access the Google Classroom?

Students should have the remote learning Google Classroom codes shared with them.  If they do not know the codes please contact your child’s Head of Year and they will be able to help you.  You and your children can also access Google Classroom by clicking on the tab on the homepage of the website.  Work will be under the classroom tab and then click on the classwork tab.

What Can I Do If My Child Does Not Have Digital  Or Online Access?

We understand that some students may not have access to suitable online access at home.  If this is the case please contact the school and we will make appropriate provision.  This could be the loan of chrome books and dongles or hard copies of the materials sent home.

Students can use laptops, mobile phones, tablets and even Playstation and Xboxes to access the learning.

Remember that we are here to help.  Should you encounter any difficulties or require further support or guidance please do not hesitate to contact us on the details provided above and we will ensure the appropriate member of staff gets in touch with you.

Letters and Documents relating to Covid-19 can be found on the ‘Letters Home’ page of this website