“A school is a total social enterprise dedicated to learning. The child, the parent, the teacher, the governor, the community, the society as a whole contribute something different but, whatever form it takes, it is meant as a contribution to the common good. The school’s success depends upon everyone’s effort fitting together to produce a worthwhile whole.”

Ivor K Davies


Welcome to this joint enterprise in pursuit of excellence.

Mullion School opened in September 1978. It provides a comprehensive secondary education for day pupils. The building is designed for a four-form intake of 120 pupils per year: it will accommodate up to 600 boys and girls between the ages of 11-16, and has facilities to cater for children of all abilities and diverse talents. Throughout the Upper School, the pupils are provided with guidance and assistance in order that they can make an informed and appropriate choice for their 16+ destination, be it into further education or into modern apprenticeships/job-related training.

Mullion School aims to meet the needs of all its pupils, giving due regard to gender, social and cultural differences; physical, sensory and emotional difficulties; religious background and ethnic origin. We promise equality of opportunity, parity of esteem, and fairness of treatment to all. These aims are furthered by our Race Equality Policy which also makes clear that the school will not accept or tolerate racism or racist attitudes from any member of the school’s community.

To the pupils, Mullion School is effectively the only secondary school in the world: for some it may be the last contact they have with full-time education. Within two years of leaving us, the boys and girls whose development we share with you will be young men and women: in employment, with voting rights, playing a full and responsible role in society. This is the immediate future of our oldest pupils. In the light of this future we have established a programme which covers the national curriculum and reaches towards the even greater challenges which lie ahead. We cannot equip our pupils with all the answers in this ever-changing world, but we can explore some of the questions and teach them how to set about securing an answer for themselves. We can help them to obtain qualifications which will assist their entry into employment or Higher Education. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which will keep doors open for as long as possible and a programme of extra-curricular activities which will appeal to all. We share a commitment to help all of our pupils to succeed in their work and to make good progress, whatever their ability or speed of learning. We take great pride in the outstanding record of examination success achieved by our young people and celebrate their positive contribution to the wider community.

From our pupils we expect hard work, done cheerfully, and a high level of commitment to our goal of excellence. We look for good behaviour and high standards of self-discipline. We expect all of our pupils to take pride in their appearance and to be ready to play a full part in the life of the school. We encourage them to place high value on the virtues of honesty, integrity and industry. In personal relationships we look for co-operation, courtesy towards others, care and concern for all people. These four C’s will help us to establish a happy atmosphere in which we can enjoy working together.

In all of this our aim is to provide a full and challenging education for all our pupils; to enable each and every child to realise his/her full potential as a scholar and as a person; to grow confidence, to increase in stature, and to take pride in their work and achievements.

This is what Mullion School offers.

The original introduction was written by the first head at Mullion School, Ian Hamilton. It is as relevant today and is included as part of the tradition of Mullion School.