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Events at Mullion School

Yr 8 Humanities visit to Tregonning Hill

At the beginning of this half term, 

Year 8 climbed the dizzy heights of Tregonning Hill!

The task was to explore the legacies of the Tregonning landscape, which span a vast timeline from the formation of the granite hill to present day. Pupils discovered how people have occupied this site since the Iron Age and how the discovery of mineral deposits around the hill along with the China Clay in the hill, changed the fortunes of the Cornish economy forever.

Visiting the war memorial, the WWII aeroplane crash site and the graveyard at Balwest, gave a chance to reflect upon the legacies of more recent history.  Students used OS maps to locate familiar landmarks from this excellent vantage point, and used the Trig point to take panoramic photographs. Members of the local Methodist team joined us at the Preaching Pit, where John Wesley might himself have preached, though there are definite records of his preaching at nearby Germoe. One of the team was in role as Wesley himself and described the roots of Methodism, while the other team members Steve and Sid played the roles of Cornish miners who described the reaction of working Cornish people to the new ideas of Methodism. As a group we sang verses from a Charles Wesley hymn (John’s brother) and afterwards experienced a ‘Tea Treat Bun’ and looked at photographs of Tea Treats from the past.

Back at school the task was to work in teams to present their knowledge of the Tregonning area. There were some super examples of work in which Tregonning was represented in the form of a leaflet; a website; a model;  museum display boards and also a plant identification booklet.

The final work was displayed and all of Year 8 then peer assessed the groupwork presentations.

This was a very different field trip and we are proud that pupils used their imaginations so vividly to connect with their local heritage.

Thanks as always to parents who support us with our fieldwork activities.

Mrs Norton, Mr Davey, Miss Moreton, Ms Smith & Mr Sandford – Humanities Department