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Events at Mullion School

Yr 8 Civil War Day

Yr 8 students dressed up for Civil War Day.Pupils took part in Civil War day, here are some of their comments about the day:”

The part I enjoyed most about the day was:

“I enjoyed the Civil War fashion because I found it interesting to compare to today.”

“Drama because we were more active and could get more involved. Also helped us really develop our character”

” I enjoyed the whole day but had most fun in drama. You got more involved.”

“I like the weaponry part the most because we got to feel and see some of the weaponry and armor that they would have used at that point in time.”

” I most enjoyed dressing and feelingĀ  like I was in the 1600’s.”

“I enjoyed seeing the weapons because I saw what was used in the battles.”

The day helped me understand what life was like for the English people during the civil war. “I knew what weapons they had, what clothes they had and the type of music.”