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Year 7 match vs Penair. Tuesday 28 January

Although we lost there were a range of points, either we need to work on or what we did very well. We can take many positive points from this match, such as our communication and team work. In the first half, Penair showed brilliant potential for the rest of the game as they showed precise passing and silky skills. Rico made brilliant goal line saves which kept Mullion in the game. Mullion’s captain Josh Gilbert kept everyone positive, Penair had a 2 goal advantage going into the second half. As soon as the whistle blew Mullion sprung into life and found a weakness in the Penair defence, Louis Barrowman set off Joe Tanswell, who darted down the wing and all ready Mullion looked the better side. Penair showed Mullion their best ability by scoring 4 goals in successive minutes. Overall, it was a great game and both teams congratulated each other respectively at the end of the game!

Thank you to Josh Travis, Year 7 for this match report.