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Year 11 Vs Richard Lander

Year 11- Mullion went into the last game of the season with the wind in their sails and after a very good season were determined to finish on a high. Straight from the off, the boys played excellent rugby with some big early hits from the likes of Blake Warren and the mighty Will Trewin. However even the superb defensive line of the Mullion team they were unable to prevent Richard Lander from scoring the first try. With a missed conversion, Richard Lander were ahead 5-0. But Mullion kept their heads up and straight from the restart. They put the opposition under extreme pressure with some good runs from Charlie Bates and Will Gibson- the two centres. It was inevitable that Richard Lander were going to break soon and sure enough Mullion’s first try came moments later with Blake Warren hoiking the ball through the oppositions defensive line and being tackled off the ball, resulting in a penalty try. This put Mullion 2 points up as the captains expertly drop kicking the ball through the posts for the conversion. Mullion, now leading, played with assured confidence and great tackles being made by the likes of Matt Smitheram, Adam Christophers, Jamma Phillips, Ben Coad and Joslin E-M.

Half time came and the boys all had their heads up and had reason to after the strong shift each of them put in to give them the lead going in to the second half. As play resumed the Mullion team again looked good with some nifty runs from John Meyer and Tom Bryant- the two wingers. But disaster struck as Will Trewin and Tom Roskilly both got injured and the Mullion defence had to try and hold back the surge of Richard Lander players with two men down. Unfortunately they were unable to keep them at bay and shortly after conceded their second unconverted try to put them 7-10 down. However, Mullion didn’t let this faze them them as they had come back from behind already so knew they had the talent to do it again. And sure enough that’s is exactly what happened with Matt Sole outpacing all of the Richard Lander defence with an amazing run across the pitch to score in the corner. And they didn’t stop there! Mullion straight away put Richard lander under pressure deep in their half and with Richard Lander looking defeated Matt Sole scored another try putting Mullion 17-10 up.  But that wasn’t the end of the game and Richard Lander powered with some unknown energy went on the attack again and looked certain to score until Josh Cross pulled of a gut buster of a tackle to deny the opposition from getting a consolation try.

The match was almost over, but Mullion stayed on the offensive and some great runs especially from the full back Max Roberts whom upon receiving the ball ran straight at two rather large Richard Lander forward eager to slam the young full back’s face into the dirt. But with a casual shrug of the shoulder, Max sent the two boys the wrong way and spun around them with style and grace, causing the Mullion team to go wild as this young player really showed off his talent. And with that final attack the final whistle blew with Mullion walking off the pitch victorious in their last game all the team will play together.

A great season rounded off with a great win and congratulations to the team:

Matt ‘sniffy sniffy’ Smitheram

Tom ‘neck brace’ Roskilly

Archie ‘good luck’ Jones

Ben ‘blonde bombshell’ Coad

Adam ‘you can’t eat that’ Christophers

Sam ‘pitch fork’ Charleston

Blake ‘injury prone’ Warren

Jamma ‘the kookaburra’ Phillips

Tom ‘their my boots mate’ Lewis

Matt the spring breaker

Will ‘the rodent’ Trewin

Joslin ‘ cough cough’ E.M

Will ‘I think I’m big’ Gibson

Charlie ‘ bull dog’ Bates

John ‘ I behave like I am 83’ Meyer

Tom ‘ I have seen more meat on a butchers pencil’ Bryant

Max ‘see you later’ Roberts

Josh ‘not on my watch’ cross

Josh ‘ bench warmer’ W.H

He’s not the foot, he’s the head. Mr Randall

Match report written by Josh W.H