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Events at Mullion School

Team Showjumping

Showjumping tends to be quite an individual sport; and so, an opportunity such as this is rather unique and brings new elements to the sport. Elements such as loyalty, support and shared success. It opens your eyes to the variety of people riding in Cornwall and their dedication to making the sport as good as it can possibly be, for everyone – and this time round, with the Mullion teams more formidable than ever before, it was a particularly special day.

To start with, the sun was shining, which heightened the beauty of our surroundings at Resparveth Equestrian Centre – the rolling hills and wooded valleys, very different to the landscape we have on the Lizard Peninsula. It was an early start, there for 9am (which meant leaving home at around 7.30) as we were the first team, but this also meant that the ground was still frozen and both us and our ponies stayed pristine as a result (rather than mud-splattered, which is the usual outcome in the wet winter months). The parking area was almost empty so we chose the warmest spot, creating a line of horse boxes surrounded by excited children and their ponies. There were eight of us in total, making two teams, those with trailers kindly lending a lift to those without.

As we were there early, some of us decided to enter in the clear round jumping as both a warm-up and to settle the nerves. Next it was onto the actual competition! Prior to the Showjumping was the Tack and Turnout; both teams smartly uniformed with matching ties, browbands and saddle cloths in the Mullion School colours- ponies plaited and hooves polished, awaiting the careful scrutiny of the judge. The Tack and Turnout ring was adjacent to the Showjumping arena, so we moved straight from one to the other, each taking it in turns to complete our first 2ft 3 round. I was last to go; and the relief was audible when I managed the fourth clear round for the team, incurring no penalties.

We then had to wait for all the other teams to compete. Time for a quick tea break for the parents and to watch the Mullion B team riding at 10.25, before we starting warming up again in preparation for the more daunting 2ft 6 round, the team determined to do well again. And we did. With the lowest score being dropped and 3 best taken forward, we ended on zero penalties (all clear) and a reasonable time (the second round was timed). All that was left to do now was to wait for the results; and if we had gone double clear, also compete in the jump off for the individual prize.

Soon (although not soon enough!), we lined up for the mounted presentation and the results were announced. Our team had come 5th in Tack and Turnout and 4th in the Team Showjumping, which was a great achievement against 14 other teams. Ponies, riders and parents alike were exhausted, but still filled with adrenaline from the day’s events – glad to be getting home with ample time to unload and settle their ponies for the night before the sun went down. Overall, a very successful – and surprisingly warm – day, which I hope we can progress from in the future. I’m sure that the rest of the team members will join me in thanking Louisa Rosevear for all her hard work in organising us.