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Headteacher: Mr Wayne Randle
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Mullion School
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Events at Mullion School

Sky Sports Session Success

On Friday the Year 7 Sky Sports group competed their final events

with the group running sports sessions for KS1 pupils in Cury and Landewednack schools.  The sessions were organised by the pupils themselves from writing the letters to the headteachers, to planning the activities and running leading the event on the day.  Mr Loder did however drive the bus!  The sessions were great fun for both the leaders and pupils and the staff enjoyed seeing some of their old pupils return to their own primary schools.  Watching the young people step up to the challenge of leadership was fantastic, they found solutions to problems and grew in confidence with every minute.  Most impressive was the way they interacted with the youngsters, made them feel at home and looked after them when they were worried.  A huge thank you to the leaders – Holly, Lucy, Louis, Paige, Lauren, Andrew, Betty, Oliver, Kierin, Finn, Melvin, Ted, Daniel and Sam.