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Mullion School
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Events at Mullion School

Scrap Heap Challenge

It was a tense start to the challenge had by all team members. Not knowing the brief students turned up with no idea of the challenge that was going to be thrown at them. Allowing only a few minutes to read the Brief prior to the start there was tension as to which materials were in the hidden boxes. Once Mr Seaton had sounded ‘the bell’ then they were off!

With only limited time each house team had to design and make a ‘vehicle’ that would get their house mascot from ‘school’ to his ‘home’ on the other side of the school gym, powered only by ‘wind’ (wind provided by hairdryers).

Card and sticky tape was flying every where; lots of circles were being cut out along with possible axles being fixed to structures that were resembling cars. It wasn’t until Gerent House had an idea of creating a ‘hovercraft’ like vehicle that all plans changed across the room. New designs were being developed and car like vehicles being modified to allow for ‘hover power’!

Once the whistle was blown for the end of build time it was down to the race. The house which got its mascot home the fastest, and safest, was the winner. A few technical hitches with the hairdryers made it an interesting race. Fortunately all hairdryers were hit b lack of power at some point during the mascots ‘drive’ home.

Although it was controversial the referees design was final and the results came in as Yestin 4th, Gerent 3rd, Budoc 2nd and Ricat 1st!

Thank you to all the students and staff who participated in this fun activity.

Mrs Tatham