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RE Buddhist Wheel of Life

Since September Year 8 students have been studying the beginnings

and key beliefs found within the Buddhist philosophy. Before half term students were set an independent project to research and create their own version of the Buddhist Wheel of Life. This work was later judged by the Head boy and Head Girl on understanding of the Wheel of Life NSAID creativity. It was a difficult competition to judge as the projects created this year were absolutely fantastic. However a decision was made.

The winning piece of work was a joint effort by Finley Cameron and Jack Wallington who decorated a ukulele to show the different  realms of the Buddhist Wheel of Life and also a booklet of information.  In 2nd place was a piece of work by Josie Lovekin who included lots of detail in her artwork and in 3rd place was Evie Boustow who used a variety of different chalks and paints to create a memorable piece of work. (Kerry Bowen, Dom Patterson and Otto Norris also created some excellent work)

Well done to everyone that took part in the project, the majority of the work is now on display in the L block corridor and in L1.

Miss Moreton