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Outstanding Performances at Mullion School Show

Ylvis may still not know what the Fox  says but the Norwegian duo can take comfort from the fact that a superb version of their viral trending hit opened and closed Mullion School’s Winter Show. Joe Welch and Nic Strike took the lead roles as over 100 pupils asked the question, “What does the fox say?”

This year, Mullion School’s annual December production was called “Out of the Darkness” and it concentrated on some of the darker themes of Winter, allowing the cast to explore the long dark nights and icy shadows of winter. It played over three nights to full houses, who very much appreciated the quality and range of talent displayed in the Show. The production was a showcase of Performance at Mullion School and involved over 100 pupils, taking part in various sketches and ensembles involving dance, drama and music.

The drama students set up their improvised work around people living amongst a rubbish tip and examined the things that could be made from the items that people throw away. Out of the rubbish emerged a brilliant percussion ensemble that had the hall rocking to the beat, as the percussion ensemble made their rhythms from dustbin lids, bins, pipes and other debris found on the site.

Dance students showcased their work with a superb version of Thriller as grotesquely made up Zombies emerged from the black bin liners of the rubbish tip. In ’Ghost Dance’ choreographed by Christopher Bruce, equally macabre visions of immortality weaved their mysterious and magical shapes.

The Music Department showcased the Brass Ensemble which played ‘The Gael’ by Trevor Jones and various choral groups performing ‘So Close’ , the theme from Broadchurch; ‘This is the Moment’ from Jekyll and Hyde by Frank Wildhorn, ‘Winter Nights’ by Lin March and Agnus Dei by Karl Jenkins. The Brittleshins Band performed a superb version of ‘Breathe’ from Pink Floyd’s iconic album, The Dark Side of the Moon.
The production, which was produced and directed by Ben Merritt, Georgina Davies and Tee-J Randall, was hailed by parents as a great success. One commented: “How well did that work! The sweet and the dark – delicious; the performers and the audience, including me, revelled in it. Participants with such stage presence, aware of what was being danced, said, sung, with touches of irony – fantastic !”
Further information from Ben Merritt, Head of Performing Arts, Mullion School.
Or Mike Sandford, Headteacher. Tel: 01326 240098