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Mullion School Yr11 Rugby season 2018 Annual report

Mullion School Yr11 Rugby season 2018 Annual report

Before the summer our imaginary rugby team consisted of football players, rugby players, hockey players and even some fortnite players, which in total added up to around 18 people. We had all agreed to participate in the rugby team in September whether you enjoyed the sport or not. The rugby season came around and soon enough are team was assembled, and indeed, it did consist of football players, rugby players, hockey players and even fortnite players.

Due to Mr Fergus getting caught up in other demands such as running other teams e.t.c, our training sessions were in our core PE lessons, and sometimes the occasional lunchtime session. We trained as well as we could in our lessons, for we knew our first match was round the corner – Richard lander away.

The Thursday had come around for game day, the boys headed off to the bottom field for a quick runthrough of calls and set pieces. After we had done the session our captain Freddy Trewin gathered us in and had a talk about the game we were about to play. Lots of relevant discussions were made as well as lots of bad words from others. All 18 of us piled onto the bus and set off to Truro. The bus journey was long and the irritatingly high pitched voices of year 7s and 8s filled the air.

We arrived at the playing ground where our opposition was awaiting. Before we started to have a before game training run through, for some nature called us behind a bramble bush on the field which was long awaited for many. We started warming up and running through our awful calls and set pieces, which none of them were executed in the game. As we were doing this, a stray Richard Lander ball entered our training space, the nearest responder which happened to be James Thirlaway Price picked up the feral ball and went to kick it back to them, however as he kicked the ball it went straight into the crossbar of the posts and rebounded back into him, which resulted in us being a laughing stock in front of our opposition, It was not a great start.

The time came for Freddy to meet the opposing captain and the referee to choose who would kick or receive the ball, a few warm handshakes were made in this commute. As we were the visiting side, Freddy had the first go to choose which hand was the blade of grass in, however he got it wrong which ended up in Mullion kicking off to Richard Lander.

Just before we were about to get going, a man mountain from Lander strolled onto the pitch not to any of the Mullion boys delight. Tom Williams finally got us underway with a peach of a drop kick with 14 ferocious Mullion boys chasing after it. From our kick Richard Lander were strong, carried the ball well, used the space, they knew what they were doing and before we knew it the first score was made. When we had the ball, which was extremely rare, even our strongest players such as Joal Robertson struggled to get through Lander’s defence, and a few big bumps from Ben Matthews was not enough. Things were not looking good. A few, actually a lot of  poor tackle attempts and bad technique from everyone ended in a very one sided half which killed the Mullion hopes of having a good game, and dampened our spirits. A few of these emotions were shown through a bit of shuv and tussle involving Dan Lucas and a Lander player, but soon was separated from each others teams.

Halftime arrived and many words were given and lots of fighting talk was said by each one of us. The second half got underway and it was one of the few times we had the ball, however from no support from Mullion we soon lost it through a turnover in the ruck. Following this, Lander just attacked and attacked. All around us Mullion players were dropping like flies. Suddenly, as Lander were once again on the attack, a  sharp interception from Freddy Trewin was made, running as fast as he could he made metres, could Mullion get a number on the board? But it was not to be. With the lack of support from the boys, Freddy was tackled and on the ground in amongst Lander players, who were ripping the ball from him. Once again they were on the attack. The game ended with a win to Richard Lander. The Mullion boys looked like they had come out from 10 rounds with Mike Tyson and were probably pleased that the game was over. Lander and Mullion exchanged handshakes and went their own ways.

After another week of training went by and our second match arrived – Pool Away. After last week’s disappointment the boys were hungry to get a victory. We packed our gear and headed for Pool. Pre match we had a quick runthrough of plays and ball skills and a huddle of positivity and fight. Freddy had won the decider so Pool were kicking to Mullion. The game started and Ben Matthews received it with a clean airborne take. With his immense power and strength Ben bumped off numerous Pool players almost sending them into new universes until finally he was tackled by 3 players dragging behind him. After a few phases Ben Matthews received the ball once again and ploughed through the Pools defence and over the white wash, the first try of the game, and the first try of our season.  It was a brilliant start. James Thirlaway price with his footballing skills hoofed the ball through the sticks to make it 7-0. On the attack in their 22, Pool knocked the ball on which meant our first scrum of the game. Our scrum powered Pool back to their tryline, however as Pool’s backline were so focused on big Ben Matthews going for the crash ball, Ben Rosevear sold a dummy and sniped over the line; It was brilliant. Throughout the game it was like tennis: Mullion scored, then Pool, Then Mullion and so on..

A monstrous hit from Omar Minhas on a Pool player showed that we were all determined to win. Throughout the game Pool were falling like stones, injuries all over the place. A textbook tackle from Ben Rosevear on Pool’s No 8 impressed everyone – even him. Eyes on the thighs, cheek to cheek, ring of steel and a bit of power were all applied and the No 8 came tumbling down like a sack of potatoes. It proved that size does not matter one bit, and that some of Mr Fergus’  advice did go in. As the game went on tries came from Ben Rosevear who had two, Ben Matthews one, James TP one and the unthinkable Bailey Stuart had one in the corner. James TP kicked 4 goals through the post, however as he went off injured at the end Ben Rosevear stepped up but did not send it through the sticks. Leading to a 4 out of 5 conversion score.

Pool were down to 11 men and Mullion were all over them; it was very one sided. Mr Fergus who was the referee knew he had to end the game 5 minutes early which resulted with a brilliant win for Mullion. The final score was 34-12 to Mullion. Our first victory in 4 years.

For some of us, that game might well of been the last game of rugby they will play and it was brilliant to end it on a high. We would all like thank Mr Fergus for training us in lessons and leading us to victory in the end.

Report written by Freddy Trewin.