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Mullion School
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Events at Mullion School

Mullion School keeping the legacy of the Flame Alive

The biggest inter-house competition of the year, Sports Day saw armies of red, yellow, blue and green flood to the sport field.

The day begun with an Olympic Torch Relay, lap of honour lead by Athletics Cornish legend, Dave Collins. Pupils flew around the track with pride and passion surrounded by the legacy of the flame.

The first and new addition to the programme saw the year 7 and 8 teams battle in Tug of War. Impressive determination, grit and strength was demonstrated by all teams.

Track and field events then took centre stage, seeing house point leaders change throughout the the day. Records were broken on the track by Nell Savage, Arthur Relton and Budoc house leaders relay teams.

Just before lunch the strongest and toughest members (males and females) of the year 9 and 10 also locked in the battle during Tug of War.

The afternoon activities continued with more drama seeing the fastest pupils in each year group compete for the title of 100m champion. The 4×100 relays also created an electric atmosphere.

The day completed with parents challenging the teachers to a Tug of War competition and staff verses the winning year 10 relay team. A wonderful family spirited event with the final event results in the Tug of War going 2 vs 1 to the teachers and a strong win to staff on the relay race.

A wonderful day was had by all. The spirit of the Olympic Games continued to be a driving force to the passion and spirit of the sports day.


Vitrix Ludorum Victor Ludorum
Year 7 1. Tillie Alfrey-Crgan 1. Arthur Relton
2. Paige Tonkin 2.Jamison Boll
Year 8 1. Nell Savage 1. Kieran Roberts
2. Yasmin Arasteh 2. Archie Robert
Year 9 1.Adelaide Swanepoel 1.Matt Broad
2. Jade Ellery 2. Jack Harris
Year 10 1. Hannah Bowman 1. Wade Toy
  2. Ellie Humby 2. Tiann Clark