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Events at Mullion School

Lockheed Martin Helicopter Challenge

Monday 9th June saw a select group of year 10 Resistant Materials students have a day at RNAS Culdrose. The students were involved in a helicopter rescue mission organised by the logistics company Lockheed Martin.

CONTEXT: The students were given the background to the scenario.  A crashed helicopter needs collecting from the desert.

DESIGN BRIEF: Design a device that will lift the helicopter out of the sand.

Lockheed Martin helicopter challenge 1

The students were very privileged to have a tour of the training  facilities at Culdrose. They were allowed inside, and on top of, a  Merlin. They saw three different types of helicopter simulator used  for training. Jowan is talking to an ‘AV’ here, discussing how the  helicopter folds itself up ready for storage.

RESEARCH: What do the students need to know about the helicopter before they can lift it?



       DESIGN IDEAS:  Lots of…  thinking, drawing, talking, discussing, planning, suggesting, questioning, and for Ethan, Franco and Jamma…   lots of tea drinking!

DEVELOPMENT: Once a design had been chosen by the team, it was a case of building it and discussing its effectiveness. The RNAS staff were able to give useful input and advice. Discussing options and ideas with your client is vital within Design and Technology to ensure that you have an acceptable product.         

 MANUFACTURE:  lots of… examination, specifications, organisation, measuring, experimentation, team work, concentration, dedication, and for Ethan, Franco and Jamma?  Lots of… tea drinking!


Lockheed Martin helicopter challenge 12 TESTING:

 Before the team could put their design in to the rescue scenario they had to test it.  Ensuring that their design worked under the correct circumstances was vital.

…and for Ethan, Franco and Jamma… a bit more tea drinking!



Lockheed Martin helicopter challenge 13CLIENT APPROVAL :

All the teams came together to re enact the rescue from the desert.  It was a very successful mission as all 10 teams were able to lift their helicopters clear from the sand.  The Mullion Team were very proud coming a close third, our team gaining 75 points and the winners 80.

…and for Ethan, Franco and Jamma… lots more celebratory tea drinking!


Lockheed Martin helicopter challenge 14EVALUATION:

All good Designers, Engineers and Technologists reflect upon their work to see what they could have done better and how they could improve the product or system for next time.  Modifications were made during manufacture as a result of testing, but the team learnt that their design could have been more streamlined and perhaps should have weighed less.

…and Ethan, Franco and Jamma? Well… they were looking for the little boys room!

This whole event was an excellent example of Design and Technology at its best. We would like to thank Lockheed Martin for funding the event and RNAS Culdrose for hosting the event.

Design and Technology in a day, what could be better?