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“Lockdown” by Daisy

A lovely piece of work from a Mullion School pupil.

Schools were shut on a Friday afternoon and everyone rushed
home to watch the news, Covid 19 was taking over the world.
The NHS was our only hope but most of us were left to cope,
An invisible assassin trying to finish the world we live in, like a
murderer killing……”Stay at home” the Government said – but some
didn’t listen which is how the virus spread.
It seemed to spread like a wildfire taking out everyone, some even dead.
Government information kept us updated, deaths rising like Hitler’s hatred.
5 o’clock would come and soon the lecture would be done.
After we began to get the message shops and Cafes closed, barely a car on the road
This time was not all bad as families became stronger than they ever had.

Time together made life better as they began to find things to fill their time.
Working from home, bike rides, baking, laughing, Face time, Zoom meetings  and making, now people often working afar found they had  fuel left in their cars.
Time to think and clear your mind and see what else you can find.
New ways forward for the future. meanwhile we have fears the
Economy is left scarred for years and left in tears.
The world has changed with masks and screens and 2 Metres in between.
The world stood still and no one travelled but the world is beginning to move and everyone is baffled.
Floodgates open with lots of people coming to Cornwall to get  away, to repay the break the pandemic stole away.
Will we be safe, will we not?

Some worry about a second wave quite a lot……………………………

By Daisy