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Mullion School
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Events at Mullion School

Introducing Mullion School’s new Head Boy and Head Girl and their Deputies

 Mullion School is proud to introduce their new Head Boy and Head Girl, with their Deputies, for the 2013-2014 academic year. Hannah Bowman is the new Head Girl, ably supported by the Deputy Head Girl, Phoebe Jourdan.  The new Head Boy is Nicky Strike, with Tom Rimmer as the Deputy Head Boy.

All four students are in their final Year at MullionSchool and they lead the team of ** other Prefects.  The Prefects are easily distinguishable at MullionSchool as they wear red polo shirts.  To become a Prefect, pupils in Year 11 had to apply in writing and gain the signed support of two members of staff who supported their applications.  Then all the candidates were interviewed by both staff and some of the former cohort of prefects, before the final selection was made.  Staff were then involved in the final selection of the 4 senior prefects for the year.  The prefects will help staff with duties at break and lunchtimes, at official school functions and represent the school on other occasions.

Headteacher, Mike Sandford, commented: “I am really pleased that these four students have been selected to make up our senior prefect team this year.  Flight 33 is a strong year group and there was a lot of competition to become a prefect.  Hannah, Nick, Phoebe and Tom will be splendid ambassadors for the school.  They have worked very hard during their time atMullionSchooland have been involved in many extra curricular activities.  They have made a great contribution to the life of the school over the years.”

Further information from Kevin Gilbert, Head of Upper School,

or Mike Sandford, Headteacher.

Tel: 01326 240098