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Headteacher: Mr Wayne Randle
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Mullion School
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Events at Mullion School

Immaculate Mullion triumph once again

The boys had a bit of a shaky start, they put it down to pressure after performing amazingly in the previous tournament. The A team were led by captain fantastic Nic Strike. The B team led by small but mighty Frederic Thorpe. The defence held tight throughout for the A team, only conceding 1 basket in 6 games, who looked a huge threat going forwards. With the all-round good egg hard worker Tiaan Clark. Mixed up in a juicy smoothie from superb accuracy around the basket from Matt, Luke and Nic. But what seemed to give the A’s the edge was the rebounding from Matt B, and Wade Toy. This gave them the perfect remedy for success! Bring on the School Games.

The B’s turned up with a great attitude. Their defence was a bit messy, but the offence was thrilling stuff. With Ethan, Freddie, Tom, Adam and Ivan playing their part. Unfortunately some basic errors let the team morale slip. But we focus on the positives here at Mullion. A huge RESPECT to Theo ‘TANK’ Edkins producing some moments of brilliance. The teams finally finished 1st and 4th. No mean feat!

The lads couldn’t have put anymore more work in. They’ll sleep well tonight!

A big thank you to Mr. Allen for the training and personal help, that has led to so much success.

None of this would have been possible without our very own Banter Allen. Another thank you to Mr. Fergus for driving the bus, and constantly offering support.

Written by: Luke Tripconey, with a word in the ear from Matthew Blee.

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