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Hyperspace journey for year 8

The universe is not 3D, some scientists theorise that it could be up to 10 dimensional, which is a concept that is almost impossible to comprehend and visualise with our 3D brains.

Maths students in year 8 set 1 recently attempted to take a mathematical journey into the fourth dimension, first of all considering what it would be like to live in a 2D world and experiencing the 3rd dimension.  We began by investigating 3D shapes, what defines them, their nets and then looked at how a 2D “person” would view a 3D object. We talked through possible stories and scenarios that would seem magical to 2D people simply by the use of the 3rd dimension, like bending space and worm hole travel.

Our maths class then moved on to investigate the geometry of four dimensional space and even got to see the “3D shadow” of a four dimensional cube (a tesseract) in the form of a bubble before considering what the net of a 4D cube would look like.

The students were then introduced to the idea of the fourth dimension and were shown a short video by NASA about the research into the possibility of using the 4th dimension for “hyperspace” travel which could see our species ‘travelling’ faster than the speed of light in order to explore the universe.

At the end of the series of lessons the students were set the challenge of writing “The Story of Jump” which had to either describe the experience of a 2D person who discovers how to “jump” and use the third dimension, or a story about a 3D person who has an encounter with the fourth dimension.

The results were extraordinary. The students more than rose to the challenge and produced some absolutely outstanding pieces of work. These included well written, creative stories, beautifully drawn comic book strips, a brilliantly scripted video and a stop frame silent animation.  All the work showed great consideration of shape, space and perspective as well as humour and creativity.

An author called Edwin A. Abbott (1838-1926) wrote a story on this theme over a hundred years ago, it is now out of copyright and available as a free ebook online or on e-readers. Please go to: