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Events at Mullion School

Flight 33 Prom

The evening of Thursday 3 July should be a date that pupils of Flight 33 will remember for a very long time. It was the evening of their Leavers’ Prom.

The event was held at the Tregenna Castle Hotel in St Ives and once again it proved to be a very glamorous event. Each year group at Mullion School is known as a Flight, which ties in with the school’s symbol of the Arctic Tern. The Tern has the longest migratory pattern of any bird and represents the fact that Mullion pupils may well, and indeed have, traveled the world. The present year eleven are known as Flight 33.

Many of the pupils chose to come to their Prom in limousines, vintage cars and the ubiquitous VW

campervan. A great deal of planning, over many months, had gone into what they would wear, with the girls wearing ball gowns and dresses and the boys dressed in tuxedos and very smart suits. They arrived to find that the hotel had also been beautifully decorated by two members of staff, Mrs Brown and Mrs Motrici.

Many other staff also attended the occasion and helped the pupils to mark the end of their time at Mullion school. As the Headteacher, Mr Sandford is also leaving the school at the end of the term, he was asked to join the group photo, choosing to sit on the knee of the Head Boy, Nic Strike.

Flight 33 had a wonderful evening and many staff commented on what a superb year group they had been and what a great atmosphere they helped to create at their Prom.