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Enrichment time takes flight for A and T pupils

A new and exciting opportunity for

Able and Talented pupils this term. Many academic subjects are based on the language of Latin or writing from the time when Latin was the language of education:

History and Classics – Greece and Rome, myths and legends

English and Drama – English language based on Latin, plays and literature from Classics period, from Shakespeare to contemporary theatre groups’ productions

Science – genus classifications, medical terminology

Modern foreign languages – French, Spanish based on Latin

RE – language of Christian teachings, early written texts in England almost exclusively Latin in form of religious records, Roman Catholic Church uses Latin in its services

Art – many early art forms were religious pictures from religious books written in Latin books

Music – religious music often sung in Latin

Latin mottos are still used in many organisations and Latin is still used in the creation of new words and on coinage!

With this in mind, a 6 week block of Latin lessons are due to begin on the 16th January.

To continue the Enrichment lessons pupils will also be provided 6 weeks of photography lessons for the more creative students.

These are exciting and stretching lessons which will impact on pupils current and future learning.

Full dates and times of the programme are as below.

16/1/13    Week 1  Wednesday     1       9:00-9:50
31/1/13    Week 2  Thursday         2       9:50-10:40
8/2/13    Week 3    Friday              3       10:55-11:45
11/2/13    Week 4  Monday           4       11:45-2:35
5/3/13    Week 5    Tuesday          5        1:45-2:30
13/3/13    Week 6  Wednesday     6        2:30-3:25