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Bugsy Malone splurges Mullion School

This year’s end of term production at Mullion School was Bugsy Malone and the cast performed it four times over three days, culminating in a standing ovation on the last night. It is a popular musical for schools and allowed over 60 pupils to be involved in the show that is set in the Roaring 20s of America and relates the rivalry between the gang belonging to Fat Sam, who runs the local Speakeasy and the up and coming gang belonging to Dandy Dan, who has the advantage of being able to wipe out his rivals with the revolutionary new splurge gun.

The audiences were stunned by the amazing set which had been designed by Joff Tricker, who works at the school as the Cover Supervisor. He created two towers either side of the main dance hall stage which would represent the offices of the two rival mobsters and their gang of hoods. Rob Johnson, an English teacher, who also so happens to have been a coded welder in an earlier life, then cut and welded over £500-00 worth of steel together to create the set. Joined by Martin Wren, the Performing Arts Technician, the three members of staff then built and created the set and a lot of the props, including the impressive splurge guns and other effects.

Bugsy Malone was stylishly played by Will Trewin in Year 9, who perfectly captured the style of the 1920s gangster, always on the look out to make a fast buck or impress a dame. Magali Guastalegnanne brilliantly captured the frustration of Fat Sam who finds that his gang of hoodlums, played by Tom Roskilly (Knuckles), Charlotte Douglas (Louis), Josh Williams (Angelo), Will Gibson (Ritzy) and Blake Warren (Snake Eyes) are increasingly out of their league. Faced by the challenge from Dandy Dan, cooly played by Isaac Harding, Fat Sam’s gang are told to go and steal the new effective weapons. Inevitably, these comedy gangsters are ambushed and wiped out by Dandy Dan’s more efficient hoodlums. These slick, dark suited criminals were ably played by Jonathon Kitto (Bronx Charlie),Jake Williams (Doodle),Connor Major (Shoulders), Tiaan Clarke (Benny Lee) and Lila Stewart-Roberts (Yonkers) with Imogen Penry (Louella) taking on the role of Dandy Dan’s Moll.

Running along side this satirical depiction of gang land America, is the love story between Bugsy and the aspiring show girl Blousy Brown, played by Rosie Tregoning, whose beautiful singing voice added great credibility to her role. Threatening the lovers is the famous Tallulah, Fat Sam’s powerful and seductive girl friend who makes advances not only to Bugsy but also to nervous male members of the audience. Ella McNish took on this tricky role and swayed effortlessly through the play, looking as if everyone, men and women alike, were in her control.

Joe Welch provided continuity, witty observations and entertainment as the play unfolded. Jamison Boll (Fizzy) performed and sang “Tomorrow” with great passion and Adam Wilkin (Oscar) compered a series of dreadful auditions for his dance hall, before Lucinda Harry (Lena) returned to steal the show. Finally, Nick Strike (Leroy) playing the role of a boxer, helped to restore the fortunes of Fat Sam and the show ended with the cast and stage covered in a sea of splurge.

The stunning show was supported by a superb 11 piece band, led by Georgina Davies, (Head of Music) who together brilliantly captured the swing of that era. The costumes, lighting, sound effects, splurge guns all helped to create a show that will live long in the memories of the audience.

The show was produced and directed by TeeJ Randall, Georgina Davies and Ben Merritt. Ben Merritt, Head of Performing Arts, commented: “It was fun from start to finish and I am delighted that the students who had worked so hard were able to reach such heights”
Further information available from:
Mike Sandford, Heateacher, or Ben Merritt, Georgina Davies. Tel: 01326 240098