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Mullion School
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Events at Mullion School

Bear Grylls

The air was damp, the ground was soggy and the visibility poor when 27 hardy students set off from school on a 3 mile hike. Their destination; a foggy field near Predannack, which would be ‘home’ for the next 3 days! It was of course the Bear Grylls Activities Week Adventure.

After arriving at the field the first job was to set up tents and with the help of the National Trust build a shelter for the toilet. Students then had the opportunity to learn some essential ‘Bush Craft’ skills such as using flints to start fires, how to use a Kelly Kettle, whittling and baking bread on an open fire.

That evening the students tucked into a well-earned stew topped off with the bread and butter they had made earlier in the day.

On day two of the Bear Grylls experience- and still with no sign of the misty air and drizzle disappearing the students trekked down to Mullion Cove. At the Cove the students enjoyed a rather choppy kayaking experience. It was during the kayaking that Freddy Trewin was renamed ‘Freddy Fearless’ by Mrs Norton for his no-hesitation attitude to paddling into caves at full speed.

Back on ‘dry’ land the students- particularly Oscar Mitchell managed to successfully catch lots of jellyfish, Jess Hubbard, Phoebe Bravery and Hannah Griffiths also managed to catch 3 large rock goby fish and a stone fish in their crab nets- sadly we didn’t catch any crabs to put on the evenings BBQ- luckily we had plenty of burgers and sausages to feed some very hungry students with.

On the final day- and with many students and teachers feet starting to look like they had the beginnings of trench foot- it was time to pack up and hike down to Kynance Cove. At the cove the students enjoyed a pasty whilst watching a TV crew filming an Agatha Christie adaptation which added a bit of glamour to the Bear Grylls experience-much to James Lagdons delight. After a final hike across the moors 27 very soggy students, many with blisters on their feet and in desperate need of a shower, made it back to Mullion School.

Well Done- you survived the Bear Grylls Experience!


Mr Davey, Miss Moreton and Mrs Norton