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Are some birds smarter than others?

The Science department is delighted to announce that we have recently been awarded a Partnership Grant by The Royal Society to work with Dr Alex Thornton’s research group from Exeter University.  This is an exciting opportunity for pupils from Mullion School to work with a world renowned research group. It is hoped that this work will generate data that will lead on to further research and possibly publication in Scientific Journals!

The project will be run and directed by pupils, with the help of Dr Alex Thornton’s research group and members of the science department. Pupils will design and build intelligence tests to be tested on Jackdaws in the wild at active research sites in Cornwall. Pupils will get the opportunity to visit the sites and see their tests in action.  The aim of the tests is to see if some birds can learn to solve problems faster than others.

The project provides many opportunities for pupils to get involved in research with roles in: communicating ideas, designing tests, building tests, working with basic computer programming, data analysis and ornithology.

We aim to find roles for as many interested pupils as possible. This is a fantastic opportunity for the pupils and anyone interested should contact Mrs Royle.