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A Tremendous Tussle in Truro

Last week saw the Y10 football squad make their second long trip to Truro for their cup competition. With Penair school already vanquished and left in the dust of their defeat it was on to the quarterfinals and a draw away to Truro School.  It was a fun and lively coach trip to the big city and we faced a long walk up the hill to the top pitch where the Truronian squad were already warming up.  The match started and it is perhaps not too unkind to say that most of the our squad’s heads were still in the bus.  An unfortunate defensive error gifted a goal to the home team and their second was slotted home soon after as a result of some more defensive errors.

It was at this point that we got going.  The team were rallied by shouts from Harry Roberts in defence and it was not long before we created and scored two well earned goals to level the game going into half time.  Refreshed, rehydrated and reorganised by our coach Mr Price, the boys started the second half well but again conceded. Passion and perseverance from the Mullionites led to an equalising goal and the dreaded extra-time.

Neither team made much attempt on either goal during this phase except Mullion did go ahead with a minute to go.  But for a courageous decision by the referee to change his mind and not award the goal we would have won the game but as the clock wound down we went into the penalty shootout.

The team kept their heads when all around them others were losing theirs as Truro missed their first kick giving us a great advantage.  But after the first five kicks the teams were tied 4-4 on penalties.  Then at 5-5, up stepped Bradley Hunt who stood like a man mountain in the goal and faced the seventh Truro penalty.  He dived low to make the initial save, juggled the ball a little closer to his own goal line before finally getting a firm grip and saving the penalty.  All we had to do now was score our next penalty to seal a mighty victory.  Up steps Matt Hall.  Cool, calm, collected?  Perhaps.  Either way he slotted it home and the team erupted in screams of joy as they moved into the semi-final of the county cup.

Congratulations to the team and their coach Mr Price (father of Harry and James) and we wish them all success in the semi-final against Penryn after Easter.