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A Midsummer Night’s Dream visit

On 12th May Year 7 students visited the Hall for Cornwall and watched  the Royal Shakespeare Company performance of  A Midsummer Night’s dream.

Below are some reviews of the performance written by the students:

Midsummer Nights Dream Play RSC

This play put on by the RSC was a very enjoyable and funny play. If I had to rate it I would rate it  ***** stars mainly because it made my sides hurt I laughed that much and the creativity was amazing!

The actors were extremely good when performing. They were confident and involved the audience as much as possible.

Me personally would choose Puck as my favourite actor because he/she was very confident and made me laugh more than I have probably laughed before.

In my opinion, this is my favourite version of this story!  I definitely would recommend other people to go and see this play. Mainly older children would understand what is happening because sometimes it could be quite puzzling, although younger children will still find it funny and would be able to briefly understand what was happening.

Furthermore I also enjoyed the play because it involved a different variety of people for example there was a range of ages that took part and they even added someone with dwarfism which gave the hint that they were welcoming to anyone who wanted to take part.

To be honest I would be stuck to say I had a favourite part of the play however I did enjoy the mechanical’s mini play towards the end of the performance. I think many other people would agree with me when I say definitely a play to recommend to other people if they want a good laugh.

By Gemma Wallace

A Midsummer Night’s Dream review

A few days ago some of my year group went to see a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream written by William Shakespeare. This is my review about the performance.

The play was held on the 12th May 2016, at the Hall for Cornwall, where there were other schools and people from the public also watching. Before it started, staff were selling refreshments, such as drinks and sweets, and there was one interval break about halfway through the performance where they sold ice creams as well! As well as all of this, it was a good opportunity to talk to friends (and get out of school!).

The music that was played was quite good and included several types of musical styles. They had trumpets, double bass, piano, drums, and various other small instruments. I think that the music really fitted the scenes that they were played in.

Another thing that caught my attention were the costumes. The costumes in the play were quite detailed and there were lots of variations of costumes depending on the character. Some characters had to change their costumes sometimes, and some had to change in very little time. The costumes had a very big impact on the play, and added to the overall effect of the experience.

So that brings me on to my final point which is the actual speech and actions that were performed. From reading and listening to lots of parts from Shakespeare’s plays in school, a lot of the speech in the performance was recognisable; and the actions that the actors performed were well timed with everything else and some made the play very funny. While the beginning of the play was slightly boring as there was a lot of speaking and not much action, as the play went on the action and humour made it better.

So the final result of this performance was very funny, good to watch, exciting, and interesting. It had lots of humour, lots of good acting and talking and some good music too. In my opinion, it was a very fun and enjoyable experience.

by Harry Lugg

A play review

This is a review of a play I have recently been to see called A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
The play A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a comedy play by William Shakespeare. This play was believed to have been written between 1590 and 1597, and portrays the events surrounding the marriage of the Duke of Theseus and Hippolyta.
The performance I went to see was performed  by the RSC. It  was a magical performance that made you feel like you were part of the play.  I loved the 1940’s  theme and the tension between the lovers. The “rude”  mechanicals then brought this all together.
The design elements of this play were amazing and made you feel like you were in the buildings  and the love banner coming down near the end made the theatre look amazing. But I think they should have had some more traditional set designs relating to the forest.
The play made me laugh throughout and everybody was in hysterics when the mechanicals came on the stage  especially “a wall”.
So overall, I thought the play was a fabulous play and one I would recommend for anybody to watch as it was funny and exciting.
By Joshua Bosence

The Play review of a Midsummer Night’s Dream

On the 12th May I visited the Hall for Cornwall in Truro, for The Royal Shakespeare Company’s (RSC) take on one of William Shakespeare’s most known plays “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Personally I really enjoy Shakespeare’s work. I have since a very young age, both in a play format and via Shakespeare’s written word. Having read this particular play in school, I have a good grasp of the story line. The Royal Shakespeare Company gave a new perspective on this theatrical piece.

From the play Puck (Oberon’s messenger and servant) didn’t seem to be a comical character. However the play took his role as one of a humorous disposition; he would take someone’s comment quite literally. For example, ‘bite your tongue’ – meaning to be quiet- was taken as a comic would for laughs – in a literal verbatim sense. As for the mechanicals doing the play, the wall sketch within to was an interesting section of the performance. I’m not one to spoil this hilarious moment but must mention here that when the two lovers kissed; WELL! I’m not sure that Shakespeare intended what happened, to be portrayed quite the way it did. It was extremely shocking!

From a central view point the set was very effective. On the other hand from a side view, slightly disappointing because the wings of the stage where open (visible) to the public’s eye. This allowed us, the public, to see the awaiting characters to walk on stage prior to their performances. As for the set, it was a simplistic setting that consisted of a ladder ad a piano. With such little resources on stage for the actors to use, they managed to create building structures, a bed etc. using the resources well.

The clothing was not in the right era. The play is set in Ancient Greece, so why Oh why were the actors wearing interwar years/mid-twenties clothing. Talk about being ahead of fashion! As opposed to the fairies Oberon and Titania, who were dressed very flamboyantly just how an audience of young children would expect.

The overall feeling of the play can be summed up in just one word, that being ‘HILARIOUS!’